Short Film Review : The Story of a Character | Kirdaar

28 . Feb . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • The Story of a Character | Kirdaar makes for a compelling watch

Mukesh Chhabra makes his web series debut with The Story of a Character| Kirdaar. Alongside him stars Pooja Gor. Chhabra plays a young theatre artist who’s forced to take up the role of a woman. Pooja Gor, as is ever suffering wife is in line for a shock that threatens to create a rift between the two.

What’s Wow: Mukesh Chhabra acts well, and shines in this short film that basically is about just one character and how the others react to his antics. The short film has an interesting premise and the twist in the end is something that jolts the audience to the piece of intelligent film making that they have at their hand.

Few films tackle the subject of the actors that are behind the characters we see in our films. Kirdaar does an excellent job of bringing out the human face of performances. We have all read articles and heard stories about how actors changed in the personal lives as they became closer to the characters.

What’s Blah: While the twist at the end is a smasher, it also opens the entire story to being just a gag. A better direction could have given the characters more perspective and therefore better emotional heft.

Parting Shot: The Story of a Character | Kirdaar tackles the important aspect actors losing themselves in the characters they create.

Cast: Mukesh Chhabra, Pooja Gor, Sunil Sinha

Writer and Director: Swati Semwal