Short Film: Gutargu

24 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

There’s always been this risk of streaming becoming the next mainstream. The first fears began when big companies came up with big budgets and brought cliched stories that had a mainstream appeal. Then when the platforms came up, even short films and web series began with a strong commercial aspect. And now, unfortunately, the cliché and mainstream seem to have a firm footing in the world of short films.

A young man and woman meet on the terraces of their houses and start a cute but short-lived relationship. The film is unique in the sense that it’s set only on the terraces of the houses of the main characters. It’s interesting to see how a terrace is part of a person’s life – this usually happens in the rural areas in North India.

What’s Wow: Gutargu has good production values. The short film has good performances by the leads, Mohit Choudry and Nazia Davison.

What’s Blah: Gutargu is so reminiscent of a typical 80s trope that you are surprised it even made from the initial brainstorming session. There’s nothing novel about it. Nor does it have anything that would make it a fun throwback to the romance stories of the 80s and 90s. Such films leave us wondering why do the short film makers – who have all the freedom and options in the world to come up with something crackling, decide to go the old dead-end.

Parting Shot: A done to death concept.

Cast: Mohit Choudry, Nazia Davison, Pankaj Rungta

Producer: Pocket Films

Director: Raju Desai, Vishal Desai


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