ScoopWhoop Intrigues Everyone With The Trailer of ‘Sneh’.

17 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

There are crime thrillers and then there are crime thrillers that are inspired by true events. Traditionally,  fictionalised accounts of true crime grab the audience’s attention immediately. Given that crime is a subject that’s never loses its interest group, there’s a ready audience – and more will always be attracted to a well made film.

In that respect, ScoopWhoop has a winner when it comes to ‘Sneh’, a crime thriller that it says is based on true life events. The trailer was out a few days ago and the trailer is now out. It shows a woman running around, looking for someone – probably her husband or brother.  The film is written by Kunal Aneja and directed by Amit Malik.  There’s not much told about the people who are acting in the film.

This is the first time that ScoopWhoop is doing a short film. This is a stark picture of how the digital medium has grown and what kind of opportunities it provides to the forerunners. A website that basically started with articles and memes is today poised to launch a short film – hats off to that.

You can watch the trailer here