Netflix Original Typewriter Review : It is an ode to Famous Five

24 . Jul . 2019
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A whole generation has grown up on Young Adult fiction that’s not Harry Potter. That generation normally read stories of the English countryside, the semi urban plot, laced with mysteries and other such heady ideas. That kind of story telling exists, but has stopped thriving, particularly with the launching of high concept stories like the aforementioned wizard’s story. So, it’s a nice feeling to see Typewriter, a new Netflix web series that Indianizes the location but keeps the heady mystery concept intact. Here’s our complete review.

Typewriter is set in picturesque but modern Goa, where three kids have started a Ghost’s club. The kids are bent on finding out details about The Ghost of Sultanpore, which was set in Bardez Villa, a villa that’s in the vicinity and known to be haunted.

Add to the mix the fact that one of the children’s parent is a police officer, and it makes for some interesting viewing. Add to all this the fact that the owners of the Bardez Villa come back to Mumbai and that sets everything that happens in motion.

What’s WowTypewriter is a well made, true to retro roots series that weaves a good story. The performances are at par with the best, and this could be a good franchise for Netflix and the audiences. There’s a death of content-for-kids, and series like Typewriter is a worthy addition to the sparse collection.

Sujoy Ghosh does a good job of keeping the pace a middle between sleepy and urgent. The good thing is that the creators don’t depend on clichés and create concepts that are not needed. This a web series where there’s no unneeded romantic plots, no woke subjects and definitely no lit concepts. Ghosh invites the audience to revisit the lost art of retro storytelling. The kids, Aarna Sharma, Aaryansh Malviya and Palash Kamble, Mikhail Gandhi and Sara Gesawat do a good job.

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What’s BlahTypewriter is a well made web series, but that doesn’t mean that the script had all loopholes tied up. At least two different story arcs were just ignored as the final curtain call beckoned, including a love angle between the kids. Then again, this is a young adults series, so the blatant addition of an affair angle and even infidelity does leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Then again, the backstory of the series is not that well brought out, and comes across as a scattered screenplay.

Parting ShotTypewriter is a typical young adult detective series.

Cast & Crew :

Cast : Purab Kohli, Palomi Ghosh, Sameer Kocchar, Aarna Sharma, Aaryansh Malviya, Palash Kamble, Mikhail Gandhi

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