Netflix Original Review : Your Son is a compelling human drama

06 . Mar . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Netflix has been adding new content in their Non-English inventory since a while now. This week, they bring Your Son, a Spanish thriller about a father looking to avenge the brutal beating that his son experiences at the hands of his peers. The film is written by Miguel Angel Vivas and directed by Alberto Marini. Angel Vivas directs the film as well. Here’s the complete review of the Spanish thriller, Your Son.

Jose Coronado plays a surgeon who must experience the worst that a father can – having his son recuperate in the hospital after the son experiences what seems to be a mugging. Overcome with sadness and rage, his character looks at avenging the brutal beat down, only to face several roadblocks and a devastating trust that could burn his soul for ever.

What’s Wow: Your son starts as a typical revenge, but soon turns into a creeping, internal revenge story that’s on a slow burn for the better part of the film. Jose Coronado as the defiant but weak father is a treat to watch. The twist in the end sets the film apart from any of the revenge flicks that we have seen in recent times.

The writer and director duo do a good job of putting the script away and beyond than the run-of-the-mill films that we have seen. The dark thriller is not the pulpy, racy action filled films that we see. It’s a dark, brooding story about how the very thought of revenge can unravel the best among us.

What’s Blah: Audiences looking for a beat-them-down revenge saga should stay away. Western audiences fed on films like Michael Caine’s Harry Brown and Danny Trejo’s Bad Ass should keep away from this crawly revenge drama.

Parting Shot: Your Son is more of an emotional drama than an action flick.

Cast: Jose Coronado, Ana Wagener, Asia Ortega

Director: Miguel Angel Vivas

Writer: Alberto Marini, Miguel Angel Vivas

You can watch the film on Netflix