Netflix Original Murder Mystery Review: It is an Entertaining Ode to Mystery Film Tropes

25 . Jun . 2019
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Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler team up for Murder Mystery, a mystery-comedy that’s now streaming on Netflix. James Vanderbilt writes this film, which also stars Luke Evans. Here’s our complete review of the Netflix Original, Murder Mystery.

Nick Spitz (Adam Sandler) and Audrey (Jennifer) are a married couple who have their ups and downs. Nick hasn’t been able to tell his wife that he’s still a police officer and has failed his examination for the Detective post. However, because his wife is feeling down, Nick decides to take her for a European Holiday.

Of course, the two don’t have a lot of money, so grudgingly accept the invite to a very exclusive and private dinner by the billionaire Charles Cavendish (Luke). At the party, all hell breaks loose, with a murder being committed. In no time, it’s Nick and Audrey who become the prime suspects, and the two can only strive to find out who the real murderer is.

What’s WowRight off the bat, Sandler and Aniston’s chemistry is a charm. The screenplay is a marvel and does a good job of being an ode to all the Agatha Christie novels that a generation has read all along. The fantastic characters, the mystique and the colonial hangover – this film has it all.  With such talented actors, the film does well with its emotional quotient as well. All said and done, Murder Mystery, if released traditionally, would at least benefit one  sequel.

What’s BlahThis film is an ode to the mystery novels we have all read, but the actual mystery is too colonial and old school for the newer audience to get a grip of. With the mystery, the writers went a bit too old school.

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Parting Shot : Murder Mystery is a fun, lightweight entertainer for the murder mystery fans.

Cast & Crew

Cast: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Luke Evans

Director: Kyle Newacheck

Music By: Rupert Gregson-Williams

Watch the trailer here :