Netflix Original Good Sam Review : It is an endearing watch

21 . May . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Netflix is better known for its fantasy, supernatural and other such concepts, whether its their series or their films. However, since the past few months, there seems to be a course correction in the kind of content that Netflix is looking out to procure and present – with romance and drama becoming their forte. Here’s the complete review of the latest Netflix Romantic drama, Good Sam.

Good Sam is about a strange occurrence in New York city. A good Samaritan (hence the name), is putting sacks of money at the doorsteps of random strangers. This becomes a mild headline, that goes to the up and coming journalist, Kate. As she begins investigating who Good Sam is, her life is consumed by the mystery and begins playing a bigger role than she thought it ever would.

What’s WowGood Sam is a heartwarming little story that’s a perfect weekend watch if you want to de-stress yourself. The screenplay keeps you engaged. Both, the mystery and the romantic angle is well done. Performances by the lead cast are enthusiastic and earnest.

While the romance and the mystery track are well done, the film also does a good job or giving out a moral message. The crux of the story is whether people can help others without wishing anything in redemption. That is the human aspect of this film, and even that is pulled over in an interesting manner.

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What’s BlahWith three different aspects, Good Sam could have done with a more intense screenplay. Apart from that, this film is a good, comfortable watch.

Parting ShotGood Sam is an endearing, warm watch.

Cast & Crew

Cast: Tiya Sarcar, Chad Connell, Marco Grazzini, Jesse Camacho, Elena Dunkelman

Directed by: Kate Melwille

Writers: Teena Booth, Dete Meserve

Watch the trailer here :