Amazon Prime Original Mirzapur series, launches an unimpressive theme song

07 . Dec . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • Mirzapur launches an unimpressive theme song
  • The theme song is very different from the rustic beat that Mirzapur possesses.

The Amazon Prime Original Mirzapur series has been riding a wave since its launch. The series has now been confirmed for the second season and the makers have launched a new music video showing off its theme song. There’s no new footage to be found – the video is basically the first trailer. While the song is catchy, it doesn’t match the DNA of the Mirzapur series.

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The series is a dusty, rural, violent one and the theme song is more of a fusion rock with Hindi lyrics and a faux-metal beat to it. Granted, there has been a rock/metal tune to the series since the first trailer – not the initial introduction – but even in there, the Indian beats ruled the roost. It’s confusing why they launched a theme song now, but nevertheless, here it is: