Jack Ryan Season 2 Review: Calling it ‘mind-blowing’ is an understatement

28 . Oct . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Remember the first season of Jack Ryan, a character created by Tom Clancy? He was an ex-marine and a CIA analyst. What starts off as a regular desk job for him, eventually becomes an adrenaline pumping one, owing to a suspicious transaction because of which he gets sucked into all the action. Towards the end of the first season, Greer – Jack’s boss – is transferred to Moscow and Jack too gets an offer for the same. There was action, yes! But it wasn’t what the show could have been capable of. However, that’s all in the past. Whatever was missing in the first season, the latest one seems to be all set to more than compensate for.

Amazon Prime Video will soon release the second season of Jack Ryan. Here, Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) and Jim Greer (Wendell Pierce) join forces against a common enemy. Jack discovers an illegal arms shipment in Venezuela and travels with his friend and Senator for diplomatic talks with the Venezuelan president Nicolas Reyes (Jordi Molla) that don’t go too well. Things take a turn for the worse and Jack is determined to get to the bottom of it all. The Chief of Station Mike November, a character portrayed by Michael Kelly (who was nominated for multiple awards for House Of Cards) tries to put a stop to Jack’s activities, but Jack has other plans.

We see an evil president unwilling to give up his power and tyranny, removing whoever stands in his way. He is not one to give revenge a second thought. On the other hand, an iron woman Gloria Bonalde (Cristina Umaña) is determined to give Venezuela and its people their due. She has a terrible past that keeps her going, though she is scared of what the repercussions could be.

There is a seemingly indestructible assassin Max Schenkel (Tom Wlaschiha) who keeps Jack on his toes and a German intelligence officer Harriet “Harry” Baumann played by Noomi Rapace of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo fame who faces a moral dilemma while being on Jack’s side. Matice (John Hoogenakker) plays a significant role in the series and takes ‘leave no man behind’ too seriously. It seems to be the mantra of the series and gives opportunities for ample action.

What’s Wow: 

  • Jack Ryan’s character has been embodied by various stellar actors such as Alec Baldwin (The Hunt for Red October, 1990), Harrison Ford (Patriot Games in 1992, Clear and Present Danger in 1994), Ben Affleck (The Sum of All Fears, 2002) and Chris Pine (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, 2014) in the past, but it looks like John Krasinski might just be replacing all of them in our minds for good.
  • Nothing, including the action, is unnecessary,
  • Each character is ‘human’ with even the negative characters displaying a softer side.
  • John Krasinski is a sight for sore eyes, even when he is punching the bad guys.

What’s Blah:

Can’t think of a thing

Parting Shot:

Watch it twice, if you have the time!

Cast & Crew: 

Cast: John Krasinski (Jack Ryan), Wendell Pierce (Jim Greer), Noomi Rapace (Harriet “Harry” Baumann), Jordi Molla (Nicolas Reyes), Francisco Denis (Ubarri), Cristina Umaña (Gloria Bonalde), John Hoogenakker (Matice), Jovan Adepo (Marcus), Michael Kelly (Mike November), Tom Wlaschiha (Max Schenkel)

Producer: Jill Footlick, Jose Luis Escolar, Thomas Hayslip

Executive Producer: Mace Neufeld, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Marcy Ross, Tom Clancy, Lindsey Springer, David Graziano, Vince Calandra, Andrew Bernstein, Graham Roland, John Krasinski, Allyson Seeger, Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller, Carlton Cuse

Director: Andrew Bernstein

Based on characters by Tom Clancy

Created for television by Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland

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