Hotstar Specials Review: Criminal Justice Takes a Grim View of The Justice System.

06 . Apr . 2019
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Criminal Justice is the new Hotstar web series that has crime as its central character. That the series is as much about the actual crime as it is about the life of people affected by is a plus point that keeps it above and beyond the other crime-based shows that we see. Here’s our complete review of the Hotstar Specials, Criminal Justice.

Criminal Justice starts with a young man, Aditya (Vikrant Massey), who is aces at school. He is a good student, a good sportsman and will soon be with the love of his life. However, one bad experience as a radio cab driver ruins his life – throwing him in prison on a sexual assault and murder charge and creating an irreparable rift in his family.

The series talks about not just the prosecution procedural but also how a crime affects the life of a common man. It spends equal time in the courts, as it spends with Aditya’s family and with Aditya incarcerated.

What’s Wow: Criminal Justice does a good job of creating circumstances that will keep the audience engaged. It’s difficult to create a crime-based story that engages audiences other than the baser instinct of seeing how a crime is committed and the redemption value that such series have. But Criminal Justice delves deeper into the aspect of the crime and gives equal screen time to everyone who’s life is affected by the crime.

As for the crime itself, it’s not true that every kind of crime and criminal investigation has been covered. For example, there are few web series or even films that talk about crimes done in the heat of the moment.

Among the performances, Vikrant Massey once again shines in this off-the-grid character. Pankaj Tripathi, of course, gets the best lines and the most colourful character. It’s endearing to see Mita Vashisht back on the screen after a long time. Anupriya Goenka is commendable as the junior lawyer who is forced to play an important role as the series progresses.

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The tight script and excellent direction make this series imminently watchable. The script’s razor sharp, so the audience doesn’t feel like its sitting through a web series.

What’s Blah:  While the series does a good job of bringing a story to the screen, the supporting story arc is something that we have seen several times before. Yes, the story and the series are an adaptation of the original, critically acclaimed BBC series. But in the current scenario, the entire series could be wrapped up as a mini series of three episodes.

Parting Shot: Criminal Justice could have been better, if it believed in moving on.

Cast & Crew : 

Cast: Vikrant Massey, Jackie Shroff, Mita Vashisht, Pankaj Tripathi, Anupriya Goenka.

Directors: Tigmanshu Dhulia, Vishal Furia

Writer: Sridhar Raghavan

Watch the trailer here :