Director Ashish Shukla : Film ‘Prague’ and web series ‘Banned’

04 . Oct . 2018
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I’ve been fan of the coldness and bizarre nature of British films and TV Shows and my personal recommendation would be Utopia. It’s first season came around 2013-14. Its a TV series like a graphic novel which is also about an underground graphic novel that is possessed by some young adults who meet over social media and hunted by two merciless killers. The show surpassed the classic grammar of TV shows and had bright and vibrant colours that you don’t see in most of the thrillers, with some super-wide shots and symmetrical frames. So it’s cold from it’s first frame without any coldness in it’s color tone. Also it has a superhero feel to it with Protagonist being a super girl named Jessica Hyde with various dark twists.

Interestingly the series became so popular that it got acquired by HBO for remake with David Fincher as showrunner with Rooney Mara as lead but somehow the project went over budget and the deal between Fincher and HBO got scrapped, final update is that its being made by Amazon under the writer of Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn as showrunner. I was quite excited to see Fincher remaking this vibrant looking show and whether or not he’ll use or loose his cold colors that are his signature and of-course for Rooney Mara. Still lets see how an American adaptation deals with British coldness.