Chupchaap Short Film Review : A Stunning Take on Real Issues

06 . Mar . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

Short films all over the world have a single point plan – to compel viewers to think. Somewhere down the line, that idea changed and short films became entertainers and spoofs. However, some film makers, like Bilal Hasan, have stuck to the initial idea of short films. His latest short film, Chupchaap, speaks about an unspeakable truth in India – that of sexual molestation. This is the complete review of the latest short film on the Humara Movie platform, Chupchaap.

A father and mother spend most of their time fretting about the safety of their daughter. While the name of the city isn’t provided, the script and the screenplay clearly shows the city as the capital of India, Delhi. Things take a crucial turn when their daughter goes missing from her tuition classes and the mother rushes out to search for their daughter. Little do the trio know that their lives will change after this adventure, forever.

What’s Wow: Purely from the audience’s point of view, the short film has a harrowing, chilling twist that takes the story away from being cliched or predictable. The screenplay calls out everything that’s wrong with the system – including inherent patriarchal laziness, pinning the blame on the female, so on and so forth. The performances leave a lump in the throat of the audiences, and make them think how we, as a society have wronged women at every turn in our lives.

What’s Blah: Nothing.

Parting Shot: Chupchaap is a must watch for every Indian in the audience.

Cast: Geeta Sharma, B Shantanu, Jhanvi Bhaskar, Murtaza Ayub, Shailandra K. Kshatriya, Rakesh Verma, Mukesh

Writer and Director: Bilal Hasan

You can watch the short film here :