The Best Online Dating Apps of 2018

13 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Since online domestic and international dating arrived, thousands of different apps and sites were popping up every day. Some managed to stay with us, while others dissolved as soon as they’ve appeared. The popularity of online dating apps doesn’t always depend on the quality. Tinder has been around for quite a long time, but now there are more and more reports claiming its era is coming to close. That app managed to destroy the stigma of online dating. Thanks to Tinder nobody thinks that online dating is only for desperate people. What could possibly go wrong after that success? People often falsely claim that Tinder is responsible for the hook-up culture, is it the reason behind why reports trying to bury the app before the official funeral? Nope. It turns out that people are just getting bored with Tinder, and they are constantly seeking for the alternative dating apps. Worrying that you might die of boredom, we’ve collected some of the best dating apps of 2018 for you to use after Tinder is gone, and we offer you to check them without a further ado.


Hinge is often considered to be the best alternative for those who blame the hook-up culture on Tinder. Unlike Tinder, this dating app is about serious relationships and not about hooking-up. Among other advantages, Hinge profile have style and substance. Basically, this app is something like Instagram for dating. The profiles provide substantial information about users, and not just their dating preferences. Moreover, Hinge uses your Facebook data, thus it can match you with prospective partners with whom you have mutual friends. The only disadvantage of Hinge is the $7 monthly membership fee.

Urban Social

Another dating app that is slowly stealing the spotlight from Tinder on both sides of Atlantic is Urban Social. Aside from being a dating service, the app provides its users with original social media content and features like ‘dating diaries’. You can also participate in the contest for the best blog contribution. Other advantages of Urban Social include joining for free and sending the first ten messages for free.


JigTalk is a funny dating app that makes users engage in conversations. Those who are claiming that dating app is all about hooking-up, would enjoy using JigTalk. The main trick of this app is that the profile of users are getting visible only when you start chatting. How much of the profile of your chat-mate you would be able to see depends solely on how far your conversation would go.


If those swiping limits on Tinder drive you mad, you would love Bumble, as it has no swiping limits at all. Feminists also would enjoy this app, as only women are allowed to initiate the conversation on Bumble, thus men can relax and just react to those women who showed their interest in them. Moreover, the app isn’t just for finding your perfect match. You can use it for finding friends and partners for a casual relationship.

Of course, those four apps above are only the peak of the iceberg, as the number of dating apps to dethrone Tinder is constantly growing.