Amazon Prime Original Whoop review featuring Abish Mathew : It is politically incorrect and extremely funny

17 . Dec . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Amazon Prime is creating stand up comedy specials with a natural verve. We’ve seen several of these hit the streaming screens, and the latest one is Abish Mathew’s Whoop!

Abish Mathew’s pieces have all that it takes to do for good desi viewing. There’s the culture bashing, the middle-class ragging and the bitter nostalgia that makes his pieces worth watching. This time too, Abish Mathew has a good act, but it does seem a bit forced – basically, the gags are not as fluid and catchy as Abish’s earlier one is.

What’s Wow: The best part of this gag fest is that it’s politically incorrect, the bad part of this gag is that it’s politically incorrect. So, audiences must be squirming in their seats as Abish goes on a tirade about difficult childhoods, the place of women in life and all that.

However, Abish takes a little longer than expected to reach the punchlines Abish has a great stage presence and can pull it off,  making the audience till the very end. Maybe it’s different watching it with a live audience, but for audiences at home, the punchline seems a bit late coming in.

What’s Blah: We earlier said that the gag takes time to hit and add to that the concept of the jokes being very politically incorrect. A major portion of the act is Abish telling how fathers used to pummel their children in politically incorrect times. It does get awkward after a while, and you do wonder whether everyone apart from you had such a childhood.

Parting Shot: Whoop! Is an interesting watch and gives a great perspective of how new, fresh content can be prepared.

Cast: Abish Mathew

Crew: Amazon Prime

Whoop Is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video