Amazon Prime Original Kaksha Gyarvi Review: Zakir Khan excels in the show

24 . Nov . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Zakir Khan is a consummate stand up talent. He is one of the foremost names in stand up in India today, and this stand-up routine shows us why. Kaksha Gyarvi is a stand-up routine in which Zakir talks about his growing up years, his tryst with boy-school and co-ed and all that. In this stand up, Zakir is all of us as he talks about his friends in school as he grew up, his friends of the female gender and how he handled violence and aggression while growing up.

What’s Wow: The stand-up routine, which is around one and a half hour long, is an amazing piece of work. Apart from a few low points, Zakir has the audience listen and tune in to every dialogue that’s coming out. With so much material, it’s easy for Zakir to come up with social messages and talk about being a better person too.

The stand-up routine talks about everyday instances and doesn’t just talk about friendship but also about family relationships. It is very Indian at its core and that’s what makes the stand-up routine compulsory viewing. Zakir has an inimitable style that not many can best, so this is another treat to watch.

What’s Blah: Nothing.

Parting Shot: Watch this video to get emotional, connect with your childhood and call up your parents.

Cast: Zakir Khan

Production: OML

Kaksha Gyarvi is now streaming on Amazon Prime