ALTBalaji’s Broken But Beautiful S2 is a realistic portrayal of modern love

29 . Nov . 2019
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In the first season of Broken But Beautiful, we saw Veer (Vikrant Massey) still in love with his
departed wife Alina (Sheetal Thakur) who he lost years ago in a road accident. He meets Sameera (Harleen Sethi) and helps her make her ex-boyfriend Kartik (Jitin Gulati jealous..feelings that got too real as the show progressed. They helped each other heal. However, broken hearts don’t always heal the way we want them to. They often change the people in question, which could also be because of the walls they put up to protect themselves from further heartbreak.

This brand new season of the ALTBalaji and Zee5 original shows Sameera and Veer facing their
fears and embracing their true feelings after a long time of suppressing them. Sameera stays
busy in her work, dating and Veer falls in love all over again. Sameera, Porno and Agni are best friends. Agni (Akriti Singh) owns a pub and is as fiery as her name. Porno (Pooja Bhamrah), whose actual name is Rituparno, owns a salon right below Agni’s pub. They are thick as thieves, but Agni is a character who would help you hide a dead body (not that there are any here) and Porno is someone who would make sure you report it to the police. There are no greys in her life, only black and white. Ahan (Gaurav Arora), Porno’s brother, has been madly in love with Sameera (Harleen Sethi) since  they were kids and Sameera had saved him from getting beaten up. Sameera eventually gives in to his advances after she parts ways from Veer, despite deep down being unsure of what she wants. Veer and Sameera go their separate ways, making themselves believe that they are brand new versions of themselves, but little do they know that they have turned into people who are trying to overcompensate for what they thought they were lacking.

They bump into each other a while later, and though both seem to have moved on with
Sameera dating Ahan and Veer about to get married to Debbie (Anuja Joshi), they are still
hurting.It is physically painful to see Sameera trying to force herself to love Ahan. Veer, too, does silly
things like adopting a puppy for Debbie despite being severely allergic to them and tracking her
GPS so that he knows exactly where she is.A lapse of judgement or maybe finally facing their true feelings, one of the two or maybe both,lead to them cheating on their respective partners and even coming clean about it eventually,something that creates much needed shockwaves in their lives. Without those, who knows,their lives would have taken a nosedive towards irreparable damage.

What’s Wow:
The situations and emotions portrayed in the series are very real. The lead pair have displayed
tremendous acting prowess. Veer’s frustration is very evident and at no point during the series feels forced. Sameera having a tough time choosing between her childhood friend who never stopped loving her and Veer who she loves with all her heart is beautifully portrayed.

What’s Blah:

Parting Shot:
Be wise, keep tissues handy while watching this one!

Cast & Crew:
Cast: Vikrant Massey (Veer), Harleen Sethi (Sameera), Gaurav Arora (Ahan), Anuja Joshi
(Debbie), Pooja Bhamrah (Porno), Akriti Singh (Agni), Poppy Jabbal (Ishanvi), Mukul Chaddha
(Shrink), Harnam Singh Sandhu (Hussain), Sameer Kevin Roy (Neil), Nikhil Sabarwal (Adil),
Meherzan Mazda (Parth), Kartik (Jitin Gulati)
Concept: Ekta Kapoor
Creative Director (ALTBalaji): Bhavna Rawail
Director: Harsh Dedhia
Writer: Reshu Nath
Editor: Unnikrishnan P.P.