ALTBalaji Original: Hum – An Opportunity Wasted

31 . Jul . 2018
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ALTBalaji whips up another web series for the audiences, this time it’s Hum, starring Kushal Tandon, Karishma Sharma, Ridhima Pandit, Satyajeet Sharma and Payal Bhojwani as the main characters.

The series is about three sisters who are royalty only in name, as their financial status is in tatters. They decide to move to Mumbai from their rural setup, in search of a good life and in the bargain, they get love.

In Mumbai, they set up with their rich family friend, Vikram, a widower and his employee, Rahul, along with an extended family that doesn’t like the sisters – because they think that the sisters are trying to grab all their money. Things don’t go well when both Vikram and Rahul fall for the middle sister, Isha, and ask for her hand in marriage.

Hum is an interesting concept, even if it is strictly TV. A mother who’s too dependent on alcohol, a younger daughter who considers alcohol as a stress buster, a lonely widower who has kept himself restrained for a long time – and a yuppie employee who’s finally finding true love. These characters are interesting but suffer from a made-for-TV script a screenplay that’s more dependant on the background music than the performances of the actors. While these characters are novel, the screenplay is hampered by cliché sequences and characters – like the vamp sister who’s trying to do her best to keep her brother away from the clutches of beautiful women.

Some of the aspects of the web series are baffling, we wonder why the series is set in the late nineties. It all seems cosmetic, with the old name of Mumbai, Bombay, being stagger-tacked at least a dozen times in the initial episodes. Then, there’s the thing about only the richest people owning a cell phone. Not that any of this has anything to do with the core story.

This is one of those series – now trademark ALTBalaji – where the audience gets an idea that something good or bad will happen, depending on the background music, which is still loud – but this time a few pegs lower than other ALTBalaji web series.

Performance wise, the actors do what they do best – act, though their characters are so flat that everything they do seems predictable. Karishma Sharma, Riddhima Pandit and Kushal Tandon have the lion’s share of the screenplay and they do a good job but can only do so much with an uninspired screenplay. Foreboding is not the strong suit of the scriptwriter, with such foreboding only succeeding in creating eye-rolling experiences for the audience.

Indian audiences are now exposed to incredible content that’s devoid of any loopholes and intricately detailed. It’s weird that some story arcs are started and then there’s nothing done of those. ALTBalaji needs to up its game to cater to the streaming audiences.

What’s Wow: The characters are interesting, and the performances are good dramatics.

What’s Blah: The screenplay might seem illogical for an audience that’s exposed to entertainment content from all over the world.

Parting Shot: Hum – I am because of Us is another brick in the wall of streaming.

Cast and Crew

Cast: Kushal Tandon, Ridhima Pandit, Karishma Sharma, Payal Bhojwani, Satyajit Sharma, Kasturi Banerjee, Payal Nair

Director: Partho Mitra

Producer: ALTBalaji

‘Hum: I am because of Us’ is now streaming on ALTBalaji