ALTBalaji Original Baby Come Naa Review: It Is A Big Come On

31 . Oct . 2018
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  • Baby Come Naa pulls no punches in the double entendre segment

ALTBalaji is busy bringing out a slew of web series since the past few months. As this month ends, ALTBalaji will stream Baby Come Naa, an adult, slapstick comedy starring Chunky Pandey, Shreyas Talpade, Kiku Sharda, Manasi Scott and others. The trailer of the web series was clear about what the series is – about a philanderer who’s going around with two women – and promising marriage to each of them. Here’s our complete review of this web series.

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Aditya (Shreyas Talpade), is a two timer, who’s professing love to two women, Preeti (Manasi Scott) and Alvira (Shefali Zariwala). Himself a divorcee, he’s finding it difficult to juggle his personal life. In this mix comes a plumber, played by Chunky Pandey, who smells a rat and is hellbent on finding out the truth about what’s going on.

What’s Wow: Baby Come Naa springs no surprises, and it provides what it promises to – raucous late-night entertainment for adults. The dialogues are laden with double entendre, some sequences that generate laughs. Shreyas Talpade, Chunky Pandey and Kiku Sharda unleash their late-night TV avatar, and they are talented enough to carry the episodes through. Manasi Scott and Shefali Zariwala do a good job of playing the ditzy browns – the Indian version of the ditzy blondes. It’s good to see Chunky Pandey back on screen in a substantial role after such a long time.

What’s Blah: We get it. It’s an adult show, so double entendre will be par for the course. But when every third dialogue is a triple – not even double entendre – it does get tiresome. What could be a ribtickling comedy about philandered and maybe a subtle statement on infidelity turns out to be a keep-at-homes-brain-fest. Not happening.

Parting Shot: ALTBalaji needs to tone down on the double entendre.

Cast: Shreyas Talpade, Manasi Scott, Shefali Zariwala, Kiku Sharda, Chunky Pandey

Baby Come Naa is  streaming on AltBalaji