ALTBalaji finally gets the Sex Comedy formula right with Virgin Bhasskar

21 . Nov . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

What happens when three Banarasi men – Bhasskar (Anant Vijay Joshi from Gandii Baat), Mishra ji (Dherendra Kumar Tiwari) and Rohan (Himanshu Arora) – get together? Utter mayhem! ALTBalaji’s last few shows left me disappointed, but with Virgin Bhasskar, ALTBalaji has reaffirmed my faith in Balaji as the provider of the stickiest content ever! Take a bow, ALTBalaji!

Virgin Bhasskar is about an erotic writer in his late 20s, who has still not been laid. Life has not been that kind to him. He has two friends, Mishra ji and Rohan, and a soft spot in his heart for Vidhi (Rutpanna Aishwarya of Naagin 2 fame) who woos him in her own loud, boisterous way. Left to him, he would never make a move. She abuses with such ease that it is second nature to her. Bhasskar’s luck is just plain bad. He has a lovely girl wanting to spend time with him, but he, armed with not-so-sound advice from his margdarshak Mishraji and his own series of follies manages to screw even that up. However, they say true love is all about forgiveness and there is a lot of it here! Mishra ji’s character is my favourite, after Bhasskar’s. He is that friend who would do anything for you, unless of course there is a bodyguarded politician on the opposite side. In that case, you can trust him to run in the opposite direction. This one is a brilliant scene by the way. The anger with which Rohan and he charge towards a location and the way they scoot from the scene when they discover who the man they are on the lookout for actually is, is just hilarious. Kal-ka-chhokra Rohan has slept with more women that one can count and is the object of envy for Bhasskar. If Bhasskar does not envy him, Mishra ji makes sure he does not leave an opportunity to rub that fact in. If true friends are like mirrors, then Mishra ji is like Snow White’s evil stepmother’s mirror that always dishes out the harsh truth. Batuknath (Durgesh Kumar) is a love-hating character and Bhasskar’s publisher who believes that love and pen can’t go together. He is visibly upset when he realizes that the reason why Bhasskar is not able to churn out the steamy stories he once used to, is possibly because he is in love.

What’s Wow:
The characters and dialogues are commendable. It is so easy to fall in love with Bhasskar, Mishra ji, Vidhi or Rohan, and even Batuknath, which made me not want to rest till I had gulped down the entire series. It’s addictive, I warn you! Deepti (Sneha Mishra) is Vidhi’s roommate who keeps delaying having sex with her fiancé fearing that he would find out about her not being a virgin. However, the monologue she belts out after discovering how ‘uninteresting’ he is in bed is worth being circulated to every possible adult who understands Hindi. The duration of each episode is a crisp 14 to 22 minutes and absolutely perfect for binge watching, with peaked interest guaranteed, throughout. The style of speaking and dialogues are so typically Banarasi, that I cannot imagine the series being set in any other city, nor would I want it. It is so faultless!

What’s Blah: Nothing. Honest to god!

Parting Shot: A must-watch kickass and side-splitting portrayal of Banarasi youth, sex, love and friendship

Cast & Crew:

Director: Sakshat Dalvi & Sangeeta Rao
Cast: Anant Vijay Joshi (Bhasskar), Rutpanna Aishwarya (Vidhi), Dherendra Kumar Tiwari
(Mishra ji), Himanshu Arora (Rohan), Sneha Mishra (Deepti), Rishabh Shukla (Gaurav), Durgesh
Kumar (Batuknath), Omkar Bhushan Nautiyal (Abhishek Yadav)
Creative Director (ALTBalaji): Baljit Singh Chaddha
Writers: Ajaydeep Singh, Manish Kumar
Additional screenplay and dialogues: Akanksha Shukla
Editor: Sunil Yadav, Irfan Ishak

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