After Pushpavalli, here are some shows to watch if you’re missing Naveen Richard’s brutal sass

20 . Mar . 2020
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Playing the frustrated, anxious and constantly-annoyed Pankaj, Naveen Richard makes sure we simply can’t get enough of him in Pushpavalli. Through the Amazon Prime Video series, we got to see a character that exemplified brilliance and won hearts for being so very relatable. There’s no prize for guessing that we always want to see more of this guy who has charmed us all with his endearing awkwardness.


While we sit at home this International Day of Happiness, waiting for some ray of sunshine amidst the global health crisis, here are our favourite 5 shows from our sass-boi that will surely bring a smile to your face.


  • Relatively Relatable

The new stand-up special that released on Amazon Prime Video will see Naveen perform an incredible set on observational comedy. The special will see him drop everyday truth-bombs about fridges, birthdays and cockroaches among others that will make you go – been there, felt that for sure.


  • Star Boyz

Featuring a make-shift starship, arguments galore and humour that will make you roll on the floor, here’s a show that’s got it all. Star Boyz is a story that follows the underwhelming adventures of three South Indian boys in space. Starring our favourite chai-time comedian Kenny Sebastian along with Naveen and Mani Prasad, you can binge-watch these Annas on YouTube.

  • Better Life Foundation


Here’s a throwback to the original mockumentary series that cracked us up. The critically acclaimed series follows a group of five passionate NGO workers and a reluctant volunteer who is trying to make the world a better place. ‘The Office’ style show is produced by Naveen himself and can be watched on his YouTube channel.


  • Don’t Make that Face 

If you were wondering how Naveen is amazingly caricatured as Pankaj in Pushpavalli, you should definitely give this a try. Available on Amazon Prime Video, this is a one-hour solo stand-up show that combines his quirky humour along with his iconic facial expressions that will leave you in splits.


  • Go Straight Take Left

If you loved the on-screen chemistry of Sumukhi Suresh and Naveen in Pushpavalli (secretly shipping P&P, if you know what I mean?) this one-hour live show is a gem. Slipping in and out of fourteen outrageous characters across seven sketches, this Amazon Prime  show is a must-watch for all lovers of sketch-comedy.

If these still don’t suffice you for a heavy dose of laughter, you can always watch him effortlessly bring the house down as he plays the stereotypical Tamilian uncle – Uncle Francis on his YouTube channel Them Boxer ShortsYou’ll just love this versatile comedian ever more.