Adulting star Yashaswini Dayama says “Let your nerves relax, know we’re all screwed and then take over the world!”

16 . Aug . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

We get in a conversation with the ‘Adulting‘ star Yashaswini Dayama over the success of Adulting Season 1 and the responses she is getting for the season 2. This awesome series is produced by Dice MediaPocket Aces.

1 – We get to see you everywhere Films / Web Series / Commercials. How has the journey been so far.

The journey has been absolutely…. eventful! I’ve seen moments and days even of feeling like “imma rule this world” to “I feel like a little uninteresting spec”. But all in all it’s been majorly educational in terms of not just the art but in life even. And every day is a new day like Kader Khan’s character from mujhse Shaadi karoge, I don’t know how I’m going to wake up and feel!


2 – Which medium do you enjoy working the most Film / Web Series / Short Film / Ad Film . Why?

I am never picking one over the other because it’s been changing for me.. Early on I thought I like ad films best because they’re short and quick and teach a different set of things. Then I liked long formats because it’s gives you time to live in this character you’re playing, you’re living in the world you’re helping create. So right now I’m loving web simply because it’s where I am right now.


3 – How was your experience working with Aisha Ahmed. 

Season 1 of Adulting saw a tough production, we had a couple of speed bumps. So Aisha and I really bonded over this common “enemy” for the lack of a better word! We were one team from get go and coming back for season 2 we picked up from where we left off and it’s been only better and stronger. We understand each other’s moods, we get where the other person is going when we find ourselves improvising! She’s taught me a lot too, in terms of dealing with different aspects of this industry!


4 – Tell us your first impression of Aisha while you were introduced.

I remembered Aisha from the million Filter Copy videos she’d done and I was quite frankly in awe. I loved everything about her and the videos she was in and then I finally ran into her at an audition and she was so sweet and said I should reach out to the office if I was interested. That didn’t work out but ultimately, we got cast for Adulting and then I saw the TRUE Aisha!  She’s all fun… And I love that she likes me too because I don’t want to be on her bad side. But that says more about my need to be loved, than anything scary about her.


5 – How easy / difficult was it to work with director Jessica Sadana.

Jessica was quite intuitive with us. She gave us free reign with where we wanted to go with the scene and she always loved what we came up with! Like I said, season 1 filming wasn’t all smooth sailing, so the both of us, Jessica and our DPs Aditya Kapur and Shaz Mohammed became parts of the same machine that was creating the happiness that ultimately became the show!


6 – Tell us your most memorable scene from Adulting 2 and the experience shooting for season 2.

I think episode 5 would be the most memorable for me. Both Aisha and I got to do something we’d never done before, although I definitely got the better end of our deal. I’m not sure how much I can disclose right now but there’s a “shoot” that happens in this episode and that fun terrifyingly fun. Season 2 all in all, was a one of the smoothest shoots I’ve been on…we’ve some days added scene to the day without going overtime and realised this way we can take an off the next day!


7 – Why should people tune in to watch ‘Adulting Season 2’ ? 

I think Adulting this season is more in touch with the real world. And that’s what Adulting is about, a constant realisation of – things will ALWAYS get more real, and you could feel alone and lost but most of the times, there will be someone to help you get through it. Most of the times. And for those other times, watch the show… Let your nerves relax, know we’re all screwed and then take over the world!


8 – Share your experience working with Dice Media

Dice Media & Pocket Aces are awesome! They’ve put our faces on their elevators! They’re loving and supportive and they really know what they’re doing.