5 shows that you didn’t know are book adaptations

24 . Mar . 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes

When our favorite books are turned into movie-adaptations, they bring the characters to life. This in turn helps us visualize all elements of the book that were otherwise a mere part of our imagination. Cinematography possess the power to invoke emotions within us, as we live the characters’ lives vicariously through them.

That’s why, here’s a list curated specifically for those series, that were adapted from books, to satisfy both, the geek, as well as the movie buff inside of you!

Hello Mini 2

Walking down a dark road in the night and you feel someone following you? Or you get a dozen red roses, but they’ve been sent anonymously? Incidents like this lead you to ask – are you being stalked? Applause Entertainment has revived these questions by their latest offering Hello Mini 2 after a successful Season 1. The voiceless, nameless, and faceless ‘Stranger’ whose daunting requests have haunted Mini is sure to keep the audiences glued to their screen. Mini must follow the Stranger’s order and enlist herself to play the dangerous game of Dare Defy on the dark web – or face dire consequences. As things begin to unfold and rapidly spiral out of control for Mini, she becomes a key suspect in a murder investigation because she participates in this illegal game. Will Mini be able to beat Stranger?

This scary thriller produced by Applause Entertainment is based on the Trilogy book series titled, ‘The Stranger’ by Novoneel Chakraborty.

Where to Watch: MX Player


On the theoretical level, this is a potentially interesting premise for a series. A miserable man with just one wish- to end his life. After several suicide attempts, he hires a professional to do the needful. But what happens when he has a change of heart, but the professional never leaves a job undone? This dark comedy is based on the Bengali book Golper Goru Chaande by Kalponik Bandopadhyay.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video


When college students across Mumbai are murdered in gruesome ways, inspector Virkar from the Crime Branch discovers a ruthless gang of young, tech-savvy criminal minds, who use social-media and the dark web to run a sextortion racket. With his new cocaine addict associate Richard and the beautiful psychologist Naina, Virkar is set to find the killer behind these gruesome killings. But the killer is always a few steps ahead of him.

This Urban Crime Drama that has been produced by Applause Entertainment, is based on the book titled, ‘Anti Social Network’ by Piyush Jha.

Where to Watch: MX Player

The Final Call

The Final Call’ is based on Priya Kumar’s I Will Go With You: The Flight Of A Lifetime (2015). This touching story about life and death revolves around the passengers aboard a blighted flight from Mumbai to Sydney whose lives are in danger because the pilot of their plane, decides to commit suicide. Written and directed by Vijay Lalwani, the web series stars Arjun Rampal, Neeraj Kabi and Javed Jaffrey.

Where to Watch: Zee5

Mannphodganj ki Binny

In Allahabad, lives a self-proclaimed beauty-queen- Binni Bajpai. When her plan to escape the middle-class life of Mannphodganj fails, this classic tale of crisscrossed lovers becomes a bitter-sweet story of Binny’s infatuation filled with revenge and escapade.

This light hearted romance, produced by Applause Entertainment is based on the book titled, ‘Band Baaja Boys’ by Rachna Singh.

Where to Watch: MX Player