ZEE5 will serve you the intense chemistry between Aditya Rawal and Shalini Pandey. “Mohabbat naseeb hai sirf unko, jinki aashiqui hai Bamfaad”

06 . Apr . 2020
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Aditya Rawal and Shalini Pandey are all set to entertain the audience with their upcoming romantic drama. ZEE5, the largest creator of Original content in India recently announced its next Original film ‘Bamfaad’, premiering on 10th April and released the trailer today. The film is already one of the most awaited and talked about since the announcement.

Based in Allahabad, the film is set in a romantic volatile backdrop which will bring out an unusual yet raw and edgy love story on the screen. The intensity and depth of Shalini as ‘Neelam’ and the assertiveness of Aditya as ‘Nasir Jamal’ is depicted throughout the movie.

The trailer starts by showcasing the chemistry between Neelam & Nasir with a beautiful romantic track in the background. The two then witness themselves in a brawl with Jigar when the scenario turns volatile & tests their love.  Nasir’s closing lines in the Trailer will leave you asking for more.

You can watch the trailer here :

The term ‘Bamfaad’ is North Indian slang for an explosion, which is a perfect terminology to allude to the lead pair. Produced by JAR Pictures and Shaika Films also stars Vijay Varma and Jatin Sarna along with Aditya Rawal and Shalini Pandey. The film is presented by Anurag Kashyap and is Ranjan Chandel’s directorial debut.

The film premieres on 10th April, exclusively on ZEE5.