ZEE5 Original Skyfire Review : It is a decent sci-fi thriller

07 . Jun . 2019
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ZEE5 wades into the sci-fi/conspiracy theory with their newest web series Skyfire. The web series is based on an Aroon Raman book of the same name. With this, ZEE5 becomes one of the very few Indian content creators who have set a sci-fi story in India. Here’s our complete review of the web series.

A journalist, a politician and a police officer become part of a conspiracy to change the world and destroy it. But all that begins with slum children disappearing and nobody wanting to find out what’s happening. As the investigation begins, the three are embroiled in a conspiracy that includes eco-weapons and brutal killings. But before saving the world, the three should come to terms with the ghosts in their lives.

What’s WowSkyfire is an elaborate story. It’s bringing a book to screen, so there’s enough character creation and story arcs to keep the audience interested in what’s going on.  Prateik Babbar is good as the journalist. Sonali Chauhan as the woman trying to find out what’s wrong with the weather of the world gives an intense performance as well.  Jatin Goswami does a wonderful job of playing the muscle in the team that’s out to save the world. Soumik Sen does a good job of directing the sci-fi thriller in the limited resources that he very evidently had.

The screenplay is good. It doesn’t falter from the fact that there’s death at the end of it all, unless the protagonists go the extra mile to save the day. The plot devices are par for the course. While they don’t add anything new to the genre, they aren’t an assault to the audience’s minds as well.

What’s BlahIn the initial episodes, Skyfire comes across as a big production. But as the episodes progress, and the time to show the various props come, Skyfire returns to base with some bad CGI. It’s depressing to see CGI and exposes the cost cutting. This is 2019, so either you should have the resources to show what’s in the script, or you should game up and pick something else.

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Parting Shot : Skyfire could be the guilty pleasure of streaming audiences.

Cast & Crew

Cast: Prateik Babbar, Sonali Chauhan, Jatin Goswami

Director: Soumick Sen

Producers: Ekant Babani, Satya Mahapatra, Mansor Dar, Shabina Khan

Watch the trailer here :