ZEE5 Original The Final Call Review: It Is Gripping

25 . Feb . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • The Arjun Rampal, Sakshi Tanwar starrer has an intensity and the thrill to make this an intriguing watch .

There’s been a flurry of novels being turned into web series and short films in recent times. With Sacred Games taking the cake, several other OTT channels are now looking at the printed word – one of them is the ZEE5 web series The Final Call. This Arjun Rampal, Sakshi Tanwar starrer is based on the book, I will Go With You. This is the complete review of the web series, The Final Call.

A pilot decides to commit suicide in an elaborate way. He decides to spike his own drink while flying and literally dying with his boots on. His elaborate plan has everything in place – with him even taking care that the others in the plane are safe and sound. But a simple roadblock keeps him alive, kills others who could have saved the plane, and he becomes the only survivor who can save the plane – but he is already branded a terrorist.

There are other things at play here, with the plane having a woman who’s planning to catch her boyfriend cheating, red handed. There’s another criminal who’s trying to escape the country and an ultra-successful businessman who has lost his will to live.

There are few thrillers in the home-grown streaming space, so The Final Call is an interesting addition to playlists. Arjun Rampal does a good job of playing the ex-air-force pilot who’s now flying commercial. He succeeds in bringing his character’s flaws and the actual reasons behind his disillusionment with life. Sakshi Tanwar as the hard as nails airport chief makes for a good choice as well.

The screenplay is tight and there aren’t any lagging scenes, so that’s a positive point. The director and screenplay writer have brought only the very necessary sequences to screen, and this makes for a quick, breezy viewing for audiences – just what the streaming audiences of today want.

What’s Wow: Good performances all over and a screenplay that keeps the mystery aspect intact, as well as the thrill factor. The addition of the slightly supernatural subtext makes this an interesting watch.

What’s Blah: With ZEE5 promoting the series for a while, it’s a bit annoying that the CGI during some of the aerial as well as the army sequences are so visible. These do take a shine off the proceedings and jolt you into reality. The series could have been made much better with a realistic take on such sequences.

Parting Shot: The Final Call is a decent thriller in the OTT space.

Cast and Crew

Cast: Arjun Rampal, Sakshi Tanwar, Javed Jaffrey, Vipin Sharma, Paula McGlynn

Director: Vijay Lalwani