ZEE5 Original Khoj Review: It tells a compelling story

14 . Jan . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Zara Khan shines in this ZEE5 Original Khoj short film.

Zee has come to the streaming platforms with ZEE5 and are adding some interesting content to their platform.  This is the review of the ZEE5 Original Khoj , that strives to inform audiences about one of the most important crimes happening today – NRIs dumping their spouses after they loot them of their money. Here’s the complete review of the ZEE5 Original Khoj.

A young woman, Gurpreet, reaches London and is staying with friend’s cousin. She’s taken the bold journey because she hasn’t heard from her husband since the past three months. When she reaches London, she finds out that the marriage is not valid in the world outside her village. She, her friend and the friend’s female partner decide to find out who the man is. When they finally do find out where the man is, all of them are in a rude shock.

What’s Wow: Khoj is fast moving film that doesn’t have time for being preachy. The story is shot in a no nonsense, way of the world manner, something that strips the film of glamour, but adds a world weariness to it – which makes the short film more gripping and grounded. The cast members are talented and do a good job of bringing the characters on screen.

The director Kajri Babbar does a good job of bringing the differences between a village and London through aesthetics. Her strong narrative works. Zara Khan, who plays the protagonist is a wonderful actor, who brings out the problem to the fore in a short duration.

What’s Blah: Nothing

Parting Shot: Khoj is a well made short film about a problem women in rural India face.

Cast and Crew 

Cast: Zara Khan, Komal Amin, Kamaria Williams, Anna Saridi, James Lang, Deon Griffin

Writer and Director: Kajri Babbar

Producer: Rochelle Johnson

Music: Sandeep Saxena

Khoj short film is now streaming on ZEE5.