ZEE5 Original Review : Dhunda doesn’t work as a stoner comedy or as a madcap comedy

31 . Jan . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • ZEE5 Original Dhunda fails to impress

India doesn’t have a stoner comedy yet. It has a zombie comedy, but there’s a lot of work needed for an Indian content creator to come up with a true stoner comedy. ZEE5 tries that with their Marathi language web series Dhunda and here’s our complete review of the recently launched web series.

Two stoners meet a friend, who is a drug dealer. The friends sell off the drugs to a female friend of theirs, when they think that the friend of theirs is caught by the cops. However, all hell breaks loose when the drug dealer friend returns and the quartet now must either get the money back or the drugs back, from a rave party in Kodaikanal.

What’s Wow: 

D P Pradeep Immanuel has written and directed the series. The only good that comes out of this is series is that at least we have a stoner comedy in our midst now.  Lallu and Sathu, two artists in the South do a good job of portraying down and out stoners. They have the comic timing and the screen chemistry to pull off some hilarious stuff.

What’s Blah:

D P Pradeep Immanuel’s direction brings home the stoner life, but the writing isn’t the best. The characters are under developed and one dimensional.

Some bold arcs are hinted at and not revealed. In a series that starts and ends with a joint being rolled, that seems illogical. If you are that into showing off how the stoner life works, why keep the sexuality of a character ambiguous?

The series breaks down right in the first scene, where the two characters regard each other as ‘bro’ at least 20 twenty times, eating into our ears. Yes, the series also loses most of its charm because it’s an obvious dub from a South dialect to the Marathi language.

The screenplay goes awry after about three episodes, disappointing the audiences who would have just found this stuff on ZEE5. Indian audiences are accustomed to stoner comedies like Pineapple Express and Superbad. With Indian content competing with foreign content all the time, Dhunda is a cute little thing that’s down there and not up there.

Parting Shot:

Watch only if you are with a group of friends at home.

Cast and crew : 

Cast: Lallu, Sathu, Shira Gaarg, D P Pradeep Immanuel, Kaybee, Dinesh Karna

Writer and Director: D P Pradeep Immanuel

Producer: ZEE5

Dhunda is now streaming on ZEE5.