ZEE5 Cabaret Review: It is an interesting concept marred by an unimaginative screenplay

09 . Jan . 2019
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Zee has finally come out with its streaming platform, Zee5. The streaming platform has launched the web series Rangbaaz, and a couple of films. The first film was the Emraan Hashmi starrer Tigers. The second film is Richa Chadha’s Cabaret. The interesting part is that both these films had problems securing a wide release.

Unfortunately, it’s evident why both had this issue. Tigers is more of a documentary and is easily a ‘festival film.’ Again, unfortunately, this is not the reason for Cabaret finding it difficult to secure a release. Read our review to know why.

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Razia (Richa Chadha) is a young girl whose Maoist boyfriend is killed in a fake encounter. She must escape the village and reaches Dubai, where she first starts out as a cabaret dancer and then goes on to become a film star. Her past catches up with her, even as she finds love in a journalist, Gaurav, who meets her for an interview. Finally, Razia, with the help of her journalist lover (Gulshan Deviah), decides to solve her problems and live life on her own terms.

What’s Wow: To give due credit, Cabaret has the perfect story in the perfect premise. There’s cabaret, there’s crime, there’s organised crime, there’s the hint of the swinging sixties and seventies and all that. Cabaret has a concept that, with the right screenplay, could have reached the dizzying heights that an Andhadhun has achieved today. However, could have is the operative word here.

Performances are okay, but the characters don’t require any of the actors to do anything different. Gulshan Grover sleepwalks through his bit role and Gulshan Deviah is earnest. Richa Chadha is lost somewhere in the deluge of 90s actors.

What’s Blah: Cabaret suffers from an irritatingly uninventive screenplay. What could have been a perfect crime caper meets love story turns out to be a script that’s confused whether it should be a love story or a mopey love story.

No amount of promotional activity will be able to infuse life in this film. The most fortunate thing about this film is that it is not Richa Chadha’s streaming debut. She had that with the stunning character that she played in Inside Edge.

In the directing department as well, the project suffers as it’s no great shakes. The background music has become an important and integral part of streaming entertainment today, and there’s no novelty in Cabaret in that front too. In fact, none of the songs remain with the audience – and that’s a shame, because music and dance is at the heart of this film.

The screenplay has several loopholes and that will create an audience disconnect.  Other than that, it’s clear that at least one of the major actor’s voice has been dubbed over – so that will be another kink in the armour for the film. The dialogues too are in the seventies zone and end up being more laughable than wrenching.

Parting Shot: Cabaret is an old film and it shows. Skip this

Cast and Crew 

Cast: Richa Chadha, Gulshan Deviah, S. Sreesanth, Gulshan Grover

Directed by: Kaustav Narayan Niyogi

Produced by: Pooja Bhatt, Bhushan Kumar

Written by: Zuhaebb, Pooja Bhatt, Bhushan Kumar

Story by: Zuhaebb

Cabaret is now streaming on Zee5