ZEE5 Original Hutatma Review: It Is an integral story that needs telling

25 . Apr . 2019
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Mumbai is one of the most populated and fastmoving city in India and probably in the word. While the residents of Mumbai consider themselves to be a class apart from even other Indians, there’s always this question as to what events in history brought about this very real change.  ZEE5 now brings to the streaming audiences Hutatma, a web series that’s based on the book of the same name by Meena Deshpande.

The web series begins with the introduction of the main characters, including the biggest character of them all, Mumbai. In Mumbai, as Vidyut, a young woman is getting ready to watch the Raj Kapoor starrer Shree 420, her father is reporting as usual to work in the mill, political forces are gathering across the city, demanding for a united Mumbai and Maharashtra. The first episode itself is intense and full of actions and reactions and makes for a compelling watch.

The characters are introduced in a simple yet memorable manner, and audiences should be geared up for a gritty drama that’s based on how Mumbai and Maharashtra were carved out in the pages of history.

What’s WowDirector Jayprad Desai has done a great job of creating a decades old Bombay. It’s always difficult to create a period for cinema, but Jayprad has succeeded in it. With that, the series hits home hard the points that generations have now forgotten.  On the performance side, Anjali Patil embodies the very spirit of the educated, jovial woman who’d be an integral part of a growing up Mumbai.

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Just in the first episode, Hutatma stows out the fact that politics is never easy, and history could have changed with a flip of a coin. The very first episode shows off the various facets, political gain, capitalists versus socialists, and the common people who are stuck in between. Hutatma promises an intense watch.

What’s Blah: Nothing.

Parting Shot: The first episode of Hutatma makes for a compelling watch.

Cast & Crew

Cast: Anjali Patil, Sachin Khedekar, Mohan Aghashe, Vikram Gokhale

Director: Jayprad Desai

Watch the trailer here: