ZEE5 High Priestess Review : It Is a Mesmerizing Experience

11 . May . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

ZEE5 is releasing new content on a consistent basis. Whether it’s films or web series, the streaming channel has something new to offer almost every week. With horror being one of the most popular genres for streaming platforms, ZEE5 has now turned its attention to the genre and released one more web series that has supernatural and fantasy settings. That web series is High Priestess, and stars Amala Akkineni as a Tarot card reader who’s more powerful that she – and the audience thinks.

Swathi is a single mother and a tarot card reader. Now and then, people come to meet her, so she can solve their problems. Often, she gets embroiled in a crime because of this, and that’s what forms each episode of the series.

What’s wow: The web series is essentially a collection of stories with supernatural aspects, with a common connection – the tarot reader Swathi. This works, because it allows the show creators to work with an array of actors and tell different stories. The concepts are good and engaging. These are fresh concepts, with none of them being cliched or something that the audiences have seen or experienced earlier.

Aamla Akkineni has given an excellent performance as a tarot card reader who has had more supernatural experiences that one can expect in the normal course of life. She plays a patient, tolerate character to the hilt and she’s basically the heart of the series.  Another interesting aspect is the vast number of stories that are told in the series. These stories are essentially based on superstitions and fantasy elements and they work well in this scenario.

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What’s blah: Nothing.

Parting Shot: High Priestess is an interesting watch for fans of the supernatural

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