Zee5’s Date with Saie Review : It is a Thriller All the Way

05 . Dec . 2018
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  • Date with Saie is a Thriller All The Way
  • Rohit Kokate, Pravin Prabhakar excel in their roles
  • Saie Tamhankar makes an impressive debut with Date with Saie

Thrillers are difficult to make, like horror films. That’s because it’s a tired genre that has tried and tested everything. So, it becomes pertinent for anyone trying their hand at the genre to come up with something refreshingly original and different. Writer Director Dnyanesh Zoting does just that with his new web series, Date with Saie, that streams on Zee5.

Date With Saie has a concept that immediately captures the audience’s interest – partly because its unique and partly because its relevant today. Saie Tamhankar, playing herself, meets a rich, young NRI businessman, Himanshu and the friendship blossoms. As time passes, Himanshu proposes to Saie, but she turns him down. Even as she unravels a ghastly truth and has him arrested, she thinks that it is all over – but there’s another truth awaiting her, that might just be the case of her death.

What’s Wow: Saie Tamhankar is an amazing actress and she performs her character well. She does seem a bit off in the initial episodes, but her performance zings up as the episodes progress. Saie is excellent both as the actress as well as the vulnerable celeb who must face a terrible danger. But the piece de resistance of the series is Rohit Kokate, who has truly arrived on the streaming scene with his manic act.

Kokate slips into both his personalities with the comfort and confidence of a veteran. Giving him able support is Pravin Prabhakar, who’s performance is one of those unique knicks wanted to give such eccentric content a certain heft. Pravin stands out in every scene that he is in – even if he’s getting slapped across the face.

The most wonderful part is the screenplay. With such a heavy idea, the audience will look at it through a microscope – searching for a loophole. But at least the casual watcher won’t be able to come up with any. In fact, the director succeeds in creating a screenplay where the audience looks at the world through the eyes of a celebrity and gives the audience a casual look into the life of one.

What’s Blah: This is a thriller about a stalker. So, violence, gore, and a lot more thrill was par for the course. For some reason, director Dnyanesh Zoting has decided to tone down the violence and all the spice that goes along with the thriller genre. While it does make the content viewable at the family dining room, hardcore thriller fans might be left waiting for more.

Parting Shot: Date with Saie is a must-watch for thriller fans and could be one of the first that aspiring thriller fans can add to their viewing list.

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Cast and Crew 

Cast: Saie Tamhankar, Rohit Kokate, Pravin Prabhakar,

Director: Dnyanesh Zoting

Producer: ZEE5.

Date with Saie is streaming on ZEE5