Zee5 brings Emraan Hashmi’s Tigers to Indian Audiences

12 . Nov . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Zee5 will soon stream Tigers, Emraan Hashmi’s film about a true story based on Pakistani salesman who takes on a powerful company, after he finds out that their mixture for babies is responsible for baby deaths. Baby products creating problems for babies has been consistently reported by major media networks. However, this is the first time that there’s a film about it. Underdog films are a treat to watch.  People still remember Erin Brockovich, the Julia Roberts starrer that was based on a true story and earned Julia an Oscar Award. The movie will premiere exclusively on ZEE5 on 21st November.

Along with Emraan, the film also stars Adil Hussain, Supriya Pathak, Danny Huston, Satyadeep Mishra and others. Danis Tanovic directs this film.  Speaking about the film, Emraan said:

“This movie is very close to my heart, and I am thrilled to announce its premiere with a platform like ZEE5. We have premiered at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival and travelled around the world with the film and the story has received a heart-warming welcome across. We sincerely believe that this is a story that the people should know, and hope that the audience likes it.”

This will be the first Emraan project that makes its way through to the streaming platforms. Emraan is also working on Bard of Blood, a Netflix Original that’s based on a novel. Emraan plays an undercover agent who’s undercover as a English literature teacher.