Zee brings Classic Indian Horror to Netflix

02 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Indian horror fans rejoice! Zee Programming brings their famous Fear Files to Netflix. The first season of the series is up for streaming and currently, it boasts of 30 brand new episodes on Netflix.

The show has good production values, it is endearing to see the the good old retro kind of pulp stories that Indian horror film makers are famous for. We are yet to see the complete series, but the couple episodes that we saw have impressed us. While the stories are fresh, the look and feel of the series is retro – the only time you realise you are watching a series in 2017 is when the character holds a brand new iPhone!

Millenials might not know this, but Zee TV was the home to horror in the nineties. They had the Zee Horror Show, which was made by none other than the Ramsays. The show is one of the most iconic horror shows in India, many consider it to be a landmark moment  – that was the time Indian TV discovered the 9 0’clock show.

This was followed by Sony’s Aahat, which was a watershed moment for mature Indian entertainment.  These are considered to be part of the golden period of Indian television entertainment. We are very happy that this kind of entertainment has made its way to the streaming screen now.