YouTube Originals to be rolled out in India with A R Rahman’s ARRived

08 . Sep . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

A R Rahman will feature in an upcoming YouTube Originals, which will officially roll out the service in the country. Titled ARRived, the show is scheduled to debut in the coming weeks. Through its own show, the platform will increase the online video ad spends in India. The service is free of ad currently.

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YouTube Originals is part of YouTube Premium launched in 2016, in more than 17 countries. Besides this, it also includes ad free services like YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming and YouTube kids.

Soemtime ago, YouTube had also launched two sponsored cricket shows for the Indian market. These shows were hosted by Gaurav Kapur and Vikram Sathaye.

The platform has currently released overall 60 shows this year. Going further with this, it plans to release as many as 50 shows in the coming year, a number which may witness some increase as we reach nearer to the New Year. This move will definitely put YouTube in the same space as the other streaming platforms. Let’s wait and watch how this game is played.