YouTube Original Series ‘Superstar: Ek Chant Launda’ Review

06 . May . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

Aashqeen is one of the few content creators who evolved from viral videos to a full web series – with his new web series, Superstar: Ek Chant Launda. The web series is about an engineering student who aspires to be a YouTube celebrity. The concept is unique, but it remains to be seen whether the execution is perfect. Here’s our complete review of the YouTube original web series, Ek Chant Launda

Aashqeen plays a young engineering student who aspires to be a YouTube celebrity. He and his sidekick take all steps to do what they want to achieve, and the first episode is all about that.

What’s WowAashqeen has the humour and comic timing intact. The first episode is a mad rush, and that’s exactly what a humour script should be about. With the first episode, Aashqeen has created interesting characters, so this should keep the audience hooked onto the series……

What’S BlahChant Lauda has an interesting concept, but doesn’t offer anything new when it comes to the script and the screenplay. It will take while for the novelty value of the concept to wear out, but Aashqeen should come up with a newer, fresher script to keep the audience engaged.

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Parting Shot : Superstar looks promising, but stands the risk of being repetitive

Cast & Crew

Cast: Raunak Pandey, Rahul Aswal, Mohit Raj, Mahesh Gehlot,

Crew: Vikas Arora, Ameen Khan, Sheepu Sharma

Watch the trailer here :