WWE Universe wooing fans worldwide with its four-episode web-series.

28 . Mar . 2017
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WWE has come out with its original YouTube series last Friday. The WWE ecosystem is already drooling over the unique four-episode show called South Paw Regional Wrestling.

The characters are being played by WWE superstars, like Luke Gallows’ Tex Ferguson, Karl Anderson’s Chad to Badd and John Cena’s Gordon Solie inspired Lance Catamaran. Announcer Catarman complimented the WWE Universe for reaching out with an outstanding support and admittedly accredited the show’s creator Brian Pellegatto

The show has managed to gather the attention and hype it was looking for in less than a couple of days since release. Nerdist has already credited it for accurately with great reviews.

While watching regional wrestling on TV, fans would notice how everything going on in the studio was to set up matches for their big events at the local arenas. It wasn’t as much because they would rarely show those events on TV. Just highlight clips would dress the wound. Southpaw Regional Wrestling has their own such event, Lethal Leap Year. If you watch the series from the beginning, you’ll be able to figure out the ‘twist’ regarding this event by the end.

This is a one of a kind creative outlet for WWE Superstars and that makes it unique. With the increasing popularity of the show even Superstars struggling with considerable air time are benefitted.

It is only expected now that creator Brian Pellegato will take Southpaw Regional Wrestling further, with more episodes to entertain WWE fans and enthusiasts.