Writers of Dice Media’s What The Folks – Ayesha Nair and Anand Bhardwaj – indulge in a tête-à-tête with The Digital Hash.

24 . Aug . 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The second episode of Dice Media’s What The Folks is out, and is as
hilarious as its predecessor. It must have been tough for the writers to
continue with the momentum. Ayesha Nair and Anand Bhardwaj,
writers of this web series indulge in a tête-à-tête with The Digital Hash
and reveal insights into the writing process of this comedy.

  1. Co-writing What the Folks, how did you two complement each other’s writing?

Ayesha Nair: This was the first time we were working with each other. It was a chill process. We both gave ideas, and we wrote the scenes together. It was a democratic process. Anand has penned down many jokes mouthed by the father-in-law Prakash.

Anand Bhardwaj: What really helped was that we both are in the similar age group and hence we thought in similar zones. Even though we are not married, we could think about how Nikhil-Anita would feel. We took each other’s feedback – positive and critical – kept us both on the edge.

Talking of Prakash, he is in a way inspired by my father. He would always crack jokes and try to gel with me during my childhood. Apart from that, Prakash in a way is like me. I crack a lot of jokes and some fall flat on the face.

  1. Which was the most difficult character to write?

Ayesha: Prakash. He says a lot of bad jokes; the challenge was to not make him look frivolous. It was quite a task to strike a balance while writing the character.

Anand: Akshata. Her character went through mammoth changes, now it gradually develops.

  1. Which is your personal favourite character?

Ayesha: I love Akshata’s character. We gave her all the sarcastic lines (laughs). She and Nikhil are of the same age group. Towards the end of the series, they will become friends, almost like brother and sister.

Anand: Prakash. It has come out really well and Vipin Sharma has done a lot of improvisations, which are bang on.

  1. Which character will you want to develop further in the second season, whenever it happens?

Ayesha: I would like to see more of Anita – Nikhil’s wife. Maybe, we can show her interaction with her in-laws.

Anand: Anita. We can show a more comedy version of her in the next one.

  1. Why is writing for the digital medium appealing?

Ayesha: The fact that you can write stories that are extremely relatable and you don’t have to make the characters larger than life. The charm of this medium is that it is accessible. In What The Folks, we have taken stories from our own life and that is what the digital medium lets you do.

Anand: You can go over the top, subtle, in your face, and referential and no holds barred.

  1. As more Bollywood actors join web entertainment industry, how does that translate for the writers?

Anand: I am guessing the more prominent actors keep entering the space, they may be all the more demanding of the script they will say to yes. This will increase the stakes, and the script will have to be more lucrative. They will bring in more variety and experience for the medium.

  1. Ayesha, you also do acting stints apart from writing; will we see you in a web series some day?

Ayesha: I guess so (laughs). I have done theatre, but it is not something that I am consciously working towards. If something interesting comes my way, then why not?

  1. What about you Anand, you come from a recruiting background?

Anand: I will be seen as a clerk in episode 3. I go to Anita to get a file signed, while she is chatting with Nikhil on Skype. I have realized that I suck at acting(laughs).

P.S. – We were anyway eagerly waiting for episode 3, and now we have
Anand’s cameo to look forward to.