Women who produced their award-winning web series

26 . Sep . 2017
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Meet anybody in the entertainment industry and they’ll tell you that some of the best projects never happened because nobody greenlighted it. But that is fast changing. With a guaranteed audience, more and more actors and actresses are putting in their money to ensure that projects they believe in see the light of the day.  Here, we list 4 women who not only performed but also performed in series available on the web.

Vera Farmiga (Bate’s Hotel):

It is difficult to make a spin-off. It is very difficult to make a spin-off of an iconic horror series. It is very, very difficult to base that spin-off on a character who’s not the main one in the original.  Considering all this, Vera Farmiga had a huge task in front of her – she was associated with a web series that’s the spin-off of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho – Bate’s Motel.

Vera produced the first few seasons of the well-received series and has won critical acclaim for her performance in Bate’s Motel. She has also executive-produced some of the episodes in the later seasons. Vera won the Gracy Awards for an Outstanding Female Actor in a Leading Role in a Drama in 2015 for her performance. In 2017, she won the Favorite Cable TV Actress at the People’s Choice Awards.  In 2013, she won the Saturn Awards for Best Actress.

Tea Leoni (Madam Secretary):

Political dramas are the flavour of the season. But some of these peter down after the first couple of seasons. Tea Leoni has a success under her belt though, with Madam Secretary, the gripping series that has her take on the role of Elizabeth McCord, the academician who becomes Secretary of State.

Tea gives an amazing portrayal of the main protagonist in this political drama. This is one of the few political dramas that haven’t yet turned mundane – thanks largely to the addition of the family aspect of the series. Tea produced the initial seasons of a series that has had some heavy weight run – on appearances, including Morgan Freeman and Madeline Albright.

Juliana Marguiles (The Good Wife):

Juliana Marguiles starred and from season three was credited as producer of one of the first female oriented dramas that won critical acclaim – The Good Wife. That show is an example of how people in low and high places can create, face and solve problems in one go. What really got people hooked to The Good Wife is that it was double fare. You could concentrate on the law side of it, or you could look at it as a political drama.,

Julia Louis Dreyfus (Veep):

Julia Louis Dreyfus was part of the hit 70s series, Seinfeld – which has got a new lease of life on Amazon. After decades, she returned to fans in the HBO web series Veep. Veep has her play the Vice President of America, Selina Meyer. Meyer has won critical acclaim for her performance and a barrage of awards. She has won Five Primetime Emmy Award and two  Screen Actors Guild Awards for her portrayal. Along withbthis, she has received five consecutive Golden Globe nominations.

Veep started out in late 2009 and Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Stephanie Lang took on the role of producers.  Since then, Julia has been the face of the series – which is already looking at a sixth season extension.

These  are the four series that are not just critically acclaimed but also fan favourites. What’s common among them is that the women playing the main characters have taken up a role behind the camera too – that too of a producer. It’s always feels good to see women come up with creative ideas and have the wherewithal to bring it to screen.

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