Will a housewarming party be a folks reunion?

01 . Nov . 2019
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Catch your favorite family indulging in honest conversations in the finale episode of ‘What The Folks 3’

Pocket Aces’ long form storytelling channel, Dice Media will be releasing its fifth and final episode titled ‘That’s All Folks’, of the web-series ‘What The Folks Season 3’ on 2nd November. This 5-episode web series airs every Saturday on Dice Media’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

The fourth episode saw Shreya(Kriti Vij)  prepare for her house-warming party. She gets the family on a conference call with the hope that they resolve their differences and agree to join in the celebrations. But, much to her dismay, nothing improves!

This episode also saw Sudha (played by Deepika Amin) step out of her comfort zone as she finally drives the car that was lying long unused. The audience was left emotional after Nikhil(Veer Rajwant Singh) confides in Anita(Eisha Chopra) about his fear of not being able to spend time with his father if they have a baby.

This season has garnered more than 11 million views on DiceMedia’s YouTube and Facebook so far.

In the finale episode, we see the family come together for Shreya’s house-warming party with the hope of resolving the bitterness amongst them. While the audience will get to see the fun side of Vandu (Renuka Shahane), they will also witness a heartfelt father-son conversation between Nikhil (Veer Rajwant Singh) and Kiran (Shishir Sharma).

Will Nikhil be able to put his perspective across his father? And will Anita and Nikhil finally decision to start a family? Catch all this and much more in the finale episode of Dice Media’s “What The Folks 3’