When Nikki Walia pulled a prank on Priyank Sharma!

12 . Mar . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

While the Punnchbeat stars are busy painting the town red, there is someone who has truly been missing all the action. Renowned television actress, Nikki Walia, who is currently in UK has been keeping a track on the storm the kids have created in the industry and could not resist to share some interesting anecdotes with us. The veteran actress who plays a mother to heartthrob Priyank Sharma in the series recently spoke about her first meeting with her on-screen son played by Priyank. Priyank Sharma who is known to be quite the prankster on the set was pranked by his onscreen mother. Nikki and Piryank’s first meeting would become a hilarious story in itself.

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Interestingly, Priyank was close to 20 minutes late for the meeting and when in fact, Nikki had reached on time as always. She instantly decided to play a prank on the young lad and asked the others to play along. The chiseled star was in for a serious shock when he entered the meeting room to see an angry co-star waiting for him. Nikki put on a serious face and mentioned how upset she was with him for being late and making her wait. When she started walking away, it got Priyank all worried and started to panic. Priyank naturally grew concerned only to soon realise that it was all a big prank! The prank that Nikki pulled also immediately broke the ice and set the tone for the strong bond that the two stars share.

Unable to contain her laughter, Nikki shared, “The prankster got pranked. I had only heard that he loves playing pranks on everyone, so I thought to myself why not have some fun. While I have been in the industry for quite some time, I didn’t want to come across as a senior rather wanted to be that person who they can confide in. And that’s what happened. That definitely was an ice breaker and we share a great bond now.”

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