When brands met content: Audiences should not suffer

15 . Sep . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Remember the days when you knew nothing about in-film marketing? When the characters used brand names care freely and nothing was lost? Let’s come back to present time, when brands are used in a film only when they are paid for. Over time the film audiences have forcefully got used to that idea.

Much away from the emotional, high on drama world of films, exists the world of digital entertainment which mostly consists of content that the people actually want to watch and in the terms of many from the audiences, it is actually relatable. It is also the haven for anyone and everyone who wants to post some content online courtesy YouTube of course.

While the platform is lauded for being the free-zone of online content, many channels looking at the prospect of minting money from the platform. Welcome to the world in-video marketing!

What exactly does it mean? Best put, it is most of the times, the annoying product placement that you have to endure while you are enjoying an interesting video! The key word in the last sentence is that it is the case ‘most of the times’. A lot of popular YouTube channels are opting to make money out of their individual videos, rather than waiting for YouTube to pay them as per the views their content generated. On the face, it is a good idea, but it has a deeper implication most channels do not understand. The integration of product placement in a video or making a promotional video is an art itself.

For a medium still in its initial stages, many of these videos are extremely entertaining while some fall flat on their face. Talking about the latter, off late there is a rat race to make such videos and have as many brands on broad. From a business point of view, it is the best strategy, but it is not working in the favour of the content. There are many videos which are really low on content and you will want to share the content with anyone.

The only thing that works in the channel’s favour is that they have an established subscriber’s base. But is it something that will stay on forever? There are various numbers which prove that the number of channels on YouTube is increasing day by day. Add to this the customization that platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime are providing by roping in local actors for their series- YouTube channels have a tough competition ahead. There are also content apps that are vying for the audience’s attention and they will soon get their act right after more interaction with the audiences.

The content put on YouTube, by the established channels will have to filtered further on. Instead of just pushing any content a brand wants to be marketed, a proper marketing and content strategy will have to be built to make sure all content posted online is entertaining, relatable and most importantly share worthy. While the first two qualities will keep the channel’s audiences/subscribers intact, the last quality will attract more brands to the channels. It is a classic win-win situation for everyone.