Short Film: What’s wrong

08 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

You have a cute place to live in. Light filters in through your curtain every morning. Your hard work gets it’s due in the office, so what could possibly be wrong in your life? Director Shraddha Singhvi’s What’s wrong explores that.

You don’t want to notice your beautiful room or the sunlight coming in. You get ready for work but no amount of motivation can make you go. In fact, you seclude yourself so much that you want to avoid the limited communication you need to make even with your domestic aid. Shriya Pilganokar a victim of depression seemingly has a life that looks like it has all necessary ingredients to make oneself happy. Yet she is sinking everyday into an abyss which she neither realizes nor completely accepts.

What’s wow? Instead of going the conventional black and white way considering a film dealing with depression, the Cinematographer has kept the lighting rather soothing. What he/she concentrated on was perhaps the seamlessness of the shots which brought out the mundane and therefore the depth of depression of the character. The Production designer also kept it contemporary and uncluttered. Perhaps the director’s way of explaining, depression does not always stare you in the face. It could be lurking beneath your otherwise ‘normal’ existence.

What’s blah:  I don’t see why would should mind watching the short because it is quite the length and palette suitable for most. It conveys the message aptly without being loud about it.

Parting shot: The shot that essentially parts us at the film’s end is when the protagonist breaks down questioning herself “What’s wrong with me?” This reflects the lack of awareness even in the more ‘developed’ parts of the society.

In fact, as the film states, close to 5.7 Crore Indians suffer from depression. It’s time we reach out, either way.

Cast: Shriya Pilgaonkar

Director: Shraddha Singhvi

Duration : 6:19

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