What happens when you find out that someone’s past is going to be your future?

09 . Mar . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

They say you are the creator of your destiny, a line that many of us want to believe in – but yet again, we have all stopped and asked whether we live by the destiny we are born with! So, imagine what happens if we find out that there is  indeed someone who has already lived the same life as us; what if we find out there is a way to know our future – through that one person. MX Player brings you a story like never before with MX Original Series – ‘Samantar’ that traces the journey of Kumar Mahajan, whose life changes when he hears that a man called Sudarshan Chakrapani’s past will be his future.

Playing the role of Kumar Mahajan, ‘Samantar’ sees Marathi superstar Swwapnil Joshi make his digital debut with this thriller as a common man at a juncture where absolutely nothing is going right. He can’t meet his family’s needs, he is fired from his job and even the smallest things seem to be going astray. The beautiful Tejaswini Pandit essays the role of his wife and the 9 episodic series is directed by Satish Rajwade.

With an aim to cater to a wider audience set across India, the platform will be dubbing the Marathi web series in 3 other languages – Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. All languages will be going live simultaneously on Friday, the 13th of March – exclusively on MX Player.

Talking about the series, director Satish Rajwade says, “Marathi literature and entertainment have found a new avenue with the rise of the digital medium and I am thrilled to see this project become a reality. Adapted from the book written by Suhas Shirvalkar, this narrative has an intriguing plot which combined with intuitive actors like Swwapnil and Tejaswini is sure to pack a powerful punch.”

On playing Kumar, Swwapnil Joshi says, I believe that hard work always pays off but one does stop and wonder what destiny has in store for them. Are the stars aligned, is it the right time – these are aspects that have always left me intrigued and the concept of Samantar completely won me over.”

Tejaswini Pandit further added saying, “I am very excited about this project, especially given the fact that for the first time ever – a Marathi web series is  being dubbed in 3 other languages well. I am glad that digital as a medium is giving actors an opportunity to explore versatile roles and genres. This series will leave everyone guessing until the very end and I can’t wait for it to launch.”