Weekend Binge on Amazon Prime

21 . Jul . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Amazon Prime has been adding a long list of films for its subscribers. There are some interesting titles coming to the streaming channel this week that you can catch.


The film is set in 1971; Alia Bhatt plays an Indian spy who is married off to a Pakistani army brigadier in a bid to continue her family tradition of serving India.

At a great risk, she manages to relay important information about an attack on an Indian aircraft carrier.


Nagarjuna plays an honest cop Sivaji Rao, who is asked to handle the case of a corrupt Mumbai officer Narayan Pasari. But even in custody Narayan manages to get all the case witnesses killed. Coming from the house of Ram Gopal Varma, the film saw the director and Nagarjuna collaborating after 25 years.

Last Flag Flying

Former colleagues, who served in the Vietnam War, reunite after 30 years for a different mission. A former Navy Corps Doc (played by Steve Carell) meet two ex- Marines (Bryan Cranston and Laurence Wishburne) to bury his Marine son killed in the Irag War. It is based on the sequel novel to The Last Detail that goes by the same name.

No Men Beyond This Point

The film puts out a fictional world, where women no longer require men to procreate. To complete the parent set, women are coming together to live under one roof, while men are banished from these settlements. The comedy will show an alternate reality to cultures where female child are not welcomed like their male counterparts.

Go ahead and make the best use of Friday releases on Amazon Prime Video with this listing!