Web Series: VOOT’s Stupid Man Smart Phone

21 . Sep . 2017
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This is probably the most awaited show on the web. Streaming on VOOT, Stupid Man Smart Phone has Sumeet Vyas playing the host aka stupid man, who with the help of his smart phone survives in an unknown land in some difficult terrains – forest, desert, mountain. It is an official Indian adaptation of the BBC Worldwide format.

The first three episodes of the show are out and feature Evelyn Sharma. These two celebs start their journey from a flower market in Coimbatore from where there are given clues to embark their journey.

Waiting for them is an old Ambassador car to ferry them off to the foot of the jungle, for their destination Malampuzha forest. But obviously that doesn’t happen. The car breaks down and Sumeet & Evelyn get a reality check and have to walk up. And obviously things don’t go as planned thereon. You will have to watch the series to know more, we can’t really spin the beans.

What’s WOW? Firstly, hat’s off to the two celebrities to agreeing to do this web series. It is surely difficult to stay in a jungle, even if there is a crew following you. Yes, necessities were made available to them, but despite that it takes guts to enter into a forest. Especially for Evelyn, who is said to be a luxury traveler. We love the comments, and live chats featured in the series.

What’s Blah? The series, despite the real feel, comes across as scripted. Not that it were to be otherwise, but when it shows onscreen so evidently it is a job not-so-well-done. Evelyn seems to be just an extension of her blonde-avatars a la her Bollywood films, which is really hard to believe. Probably, her ‘real self’ got chopped at the editing table (we hope).

Parting Shot: Despite its flaws, Stupid Man Smart Phone is a ‘TheDigitalHash.com must-watch’. You may end up getting some tips on your next forest trip/hike, if nothing (Wink). Plus, we love watching our digital star Sumeet Vyas in such a candid avatar. Overall, you end up realizing that smart phones can be very helpful in every difficult situation – which is really the objective of the show.

Starring: Sumeet Vyas, Evelyn Sharma

Official Indian adaptation of the BBC Worldwide format

You can watch this original series on VOOT.


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