Web Series: Troy: Fall of A City

12 . Apr . 2018
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The history has witnessed many battles because of love stories, and Troy: Fall of A City is based on one such story – the love story of Paris/Alexander and Helen. Paris/Alexander, who just recently discovered that he is not a shepherd but the Prince of Troy is sent to Sparta by his father as his first ever political visit. There he falls in love with Spartan Queen Helen, and much to the dismay of her husband, King Menelaus, manages to flee her away. This triggers the wrath of the Greeks on Troy. And what follows is a bloody war.

It is revealed later in the series that Paris was abandoned as a young child, because a prophecy stated that he would bring the end of Troy. This is proven right by Paris fleeing away Helen to Troy. Many Greek kings come together to attack Troy.

They suggest taking back their armies only if Helen is returned to her husband and a long list of other conditions that would totally ruin the trade of Troy. Obviously, King Priam doesn’t agree and the Trojan War begins.

There is much bloodshed which finally brings the downfall of Troy.

What’s WOW? A Matrix-style dodge sequence (okay, more like a sword killing sequence though) is impressive. There are many other battle sequences too, but this one is that will stay back with you. David Gyasi as Achilles is a ‘class apart’ act and will stay with you. The plotting and back stories in the series are also interesting.

What’s Blah? Though at 8 episodes the series may seem crisp, the story renders itself appropriate for a film. Bella Dayne also seems wasted, barring the initial episodes. She could have done more as Helen, but not much is there for her to do.

Parting Shot: Audiences who have gorged on Game of Thrones previously may not be too impressed by this Netflix Original.  But for someone who is just starting to watch historical drama on the web, Troy is a decent enough effort.

Directors: Mark Brozel , Owen Harris , John Strickland

Cast:Louis Hunter, Bella Dayne, David Threlfall, Frances O’Connor (II), Tom Weston-Jones, Joseph Mawle, Chloe Pirrie, Johnny Harris, David Gyasi, Jonas Armstrong, Alfred Enoch, Aimee-Ffion Edwards

Troy: Fall of A City is now streaming on Netflix.

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