Web Original: To all the boys I’ve loved before

22 . Aug . 2018
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Based on the book by the same name, Netflix has released a new film To all the boys I’ve loved before. it tells the story of Lara Jean, who wrote five secret love letters to five different guys but never posted them. And when they are secretly send out, her life takes an unimagined twist.

The film starts with a sneak peek into the lives of the Coveys.  With a widowed father, and one elder and one younger sister, Lara is a 16 year old who is good at studies. Her elder sister leaves for college and Lara and her younger sister are looking at a different life without their eldest sister. The next morning, Lara is confronted by her Peter about a letter she wrote him. Only Lara didn’t send it as it was a secret love letter she wrote to him several years ago.

Like him, Josh also goes to Lara to talk about a letter he received from her, but seeing the letter in his hand she turns to Peter and kisses him. Lara had a crush on Josh, who is also her neighbor, but he instead asked her sister Margot out. And now when Margot leaves for university, Lara thinks she is again falling for Josh. So she plans a fake affair with Peter, who himself is trying to get over his break up with his longtime girlfriend.

As the two start their fake relationship, Lara feels she is falling for Peter for real. While she tries to stay away from Peter, he tells her that she really likes her and the two go for a ski holiday, where the two kiss and its video goes viral. This upsets Lara and Peter has to shout out to the whole school that no one will bother Lara about it.

An upset Lara reaches home to see Margot home for holidays. Peter visits her, and while the two are having an argument, Josh asks Peter to go away. Margot witnesses all this and believes that Josh and Lara are dating. While Lara clears this confusion, she is not too sure whether she wants to go ahead with Peter or not.

In the end, Lara has a conversation with Josh, about how she did love him until she met Peter.  She decides to go and reveal his feelings to Peter.

What Wow? The film is the teenage love story that explores the trials and tribulations of the teenage. The casting of the film has been done keeping in mind the character specifications and that works for the film.

What Blah? Nothing to complain about in the film.

Parting Shot: The film is an adaptation from a 2014 book by the same name, and that it has been adapted well shows in the film. It keeps your attention in tact throughout its running time. All lovers of teenage love stories will have a good time watching the film.

Cast and Crew

Director: Susan Johnson

Cast: Lana Condor, Janel Parrish, Anna Cathcart

To all the boys I’ve loved before is available on Netflix