Web Series: The Tick

28 . Aug . 2017
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Amazon Prime Video has redefined the superheroes in its recent offering. Watching a superhero series means some awesome action scenes, muscles, intense scenes and the works. The Tick follows a different route altogether, not just in terms of the violence, but dealing with all this with a tinge of humor.

The six part series starts with the story of Arthur Everest, an accountant who is on the mission to prove that super-villain The Terror is in fact alive and working underground. The dampener is that no-one believes him, not even his sister. This mission has a strong connect to Arthur’s childhood. Arthur’s father was accidently killed by The Terror; whilst he was busy killing ‘The Five’ – a superhero gang of five.

So while Arthur is said to be making stories, there’s only one soul who believes him – The Tick, a superhero in the blue tick costume and who remembers nothing of his past. He thinks that Arthur should join him in getting rid of the villain. After much convincing (mostly Arthur’s self-convincing and a host of encounters with various villains), Arthur is finally ready to wear the moth suit (which is funny).

Enter Overkill, who seems villainous at first, but instead wants to destroy The Terror. Finally, Arthur, The Tick and Overkill join hands to free the city from the clutches of The Terror, having laid hands on Ramses IV – who they believe has interactions with The Terror.

Do you they succeed in their mission? Here’s one spoiler for you there’s another season to know more.

What’s WOW? The story holds your attention, and that is a brilliant quality for any web series to have. At around 30 mins each, the episodes don’t bore and are extremely crisp. Peter Serafinowicz as The Tick is so hilarious and lovable. He is like the guy from 1920s who is extremely chivalrous and would rather use physical force to win a fight than using weapons. Even with more than half his face covered, Peter emotes well (with whatever of his face is visible).

Griffin Newman as the underdog Arthur does his shy-yet-courageous act in a commendable way.

What’s Blah? This season of The Tick doesn’t disappoint much, except the entire seasons gets over in 3 hours. You are left to wanting for more.

Parting Shot: Amidst super hero ventures filled with over-the- top action sequences, it is such a relief to watch The Tick. Not that there aren’t any such sequences, but the makers of the series have made sure the world they created retains its fictional aspect. Having superheroes in the city – in that world- is a normal thing. In fact, superheroes are also shown to shift to different city, very much like losing your favorite sportsman to another city’s sports team. Watch it to enjoy some light moments.


Peter Serafinowicz as The Tick

Griffin Newman as Arthur Everest

Valorie Curry as Dot Everest

Jackie Earle Haley as The Terror

Yara Martinez as Ms. Lint

Scott Speiser as Overkill

Director: Romeo Tirone


You can watch this original series on Amazon Prime



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