Web Series: The Real Soulmate Is A Disaster

24 . May . 2017
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Deepika Singh is the latest actress to jump on the digital bandwagon. She acts in a webseries titled ‘The Real Soulmate’ with Samir Onkar, who was in production in charge of shows like ‘Tere Shehar Mein’ and ‘Bidaai’. The series is about a couple who has filed for divorce and is on the last day of their six months litigation period.

What’s WOW: ‘The Real Soulmates’ has a quirky, funny side to it. Some of the dialogues are funny and has the audience chuckle. The story is unique and looks promising.  Even with all its flaws, the series could work as a flaky, guilty pleasure for Deepika fans.

What’s Blah: When a show is made for a person, it shows through in the script and the screenplay. In ‘The Real Soulmate’, it is clear that Deepika wants to shed her ‘bahu’ image and break out as a webstar.

While other TV bahus have done this in a restrained manner, Deepika goes over-the-top with her avatar change. However, she knows that she has to cater to her tv bahu persona fans too. So much is her starpower in this series that there’s a 1 minute sequence just to rationalise her saree-waala-look.

As an actor, Deepika’s seriously trying to play the tightrope with her sansaakri bahu character and the new one she’s found overnight for the webseries. The way the screenplay once again veers onto the dress at the end of the series is a huge turn-off.

The one line synopsis of this series could have been  – ‘Deepika ko hot banana hai’.

We haven’t seen Deepika’s performance in her tv series, but her performance here leaves a lot to be desired. She spends most of the series shouting at the top of the lungs  to show anger.

While the dialogues have the audience chuckle, there’s also this ‘wannabe’ sense to it. Like the friendly uncle in your building suddenly sending you a Snapchat. You know he can do it, but you wonder whether he’s been ‘inspired’ to do it.

The wannabe idea doesn’t just stop there. Why the ‘divorce-wale-babu’ keeps eating through the entire sequence is anyone’s guess. Why there’s a alcohol laden sequence is again, anyone’s guess.

The kind of creative drought the scriptwriters faced is evident. They will actually be lifting a sequence from the Kader Khan –Shakti Kapoor runaway hit ‘Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri’. That film released in 1990. That film worked because of the ‘devil may care’ attitude of the naughty nineties and the incredible experience of seeing quintessential villain Shakti Kapoor in a rare comic role – back in those days.

Films about divorce require a stunning chemistry between the characters, so that the audience can root for them and believe in the film enough to root for the opposite of the inevitable – the divorce. Neither Samir nor Deepika are seasoned enough to fill in the big boots of the characters that the short film has.

Parting Shot: Even with all its flaws, the first episode works as a flaky, funny take on divorce and young couples.

Cast: Deepika Singh, Samir Onkar, Pravesh Joshi, Nirittam Ben, Mohit Sharma, Sumit Goyal, Noor Ishtigo, Akshada Humbare, Ashrika Chiller.

Director: Rohit Raj Goyal

Duration: 16:22

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUElXN7u3yM

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