Web Series: Tender Dates

25 . May . 2017
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Time and again, the streaming world tries to bring to the streaming screens the life of men and women. Unfortunately, mostly, they rely on their sexual escapades, romantic relationships and whatnot. Tender Dates is  another web series that promises to take a look at the life and times of a young man.

What’s WOW: The series works as a adolescent’s dream about what happens when they are ready to plunge into the dating world. Basically, the dating anecdotes are simple lifts of a couple of film scripts. So, if you are ever looking for one film that encompasses all the ‘dating incidents’ in Bollywood, Tender Dates is the one for you.  Tender Dates is a difficult story to bracket in. It doesn’t have the atrocious sex that a sex comedy would have, but the fantasy laden sequences of a man and woman relationship hints at just that.

What’s Blah:  This show is unsalvageable. The regressive script masquerading as a cool-kids story is a big turn off.  Parts of the screenplay is inspired from one of the oldest jokes revolving around a naïve boy and a philandering woman. Why we, as an audience, needed one more sequence like this is unfathomable. The jibe at Tiger Shroff wasn’t needed and didn’t win the writers any fans. Maybe they didn’t have the spine to go after someone who’s known for his driving skills, or lack of them?

The screenplay lacks basic humor. Yet they try to rehash one of the most iconic funeral humor scenes in the history of Bollywood. Of course, all that falls flat.  And weren’t web series and web shorts supposed to have a fresh, new screenplays that wouldn’t be accepted by the lowly feature film producers?  Why do we have a boring seduction scene between a woman and a man-boy? Isn’t that supposed to sell tickets in the single-screens?

Aren’t short films all about how quality entertainment doesn’t need the machinery of a feature film? This show is everything that’s wrong with the characterisation of men. Men aren’t only looking for sex all the while. That is not the one point plan and agenda for life.

It is high time that script and screenplay writers stop masquerading their failed feature length concepts and thrust them down the throats of an audience. Why someone plans to concieve a web series like this in 2017 is beyond our comprehension. With the concept being done to death in feature length as well as short films, there’s every chance that a new film will have screenplay inspired by previous material. ‘Tender Dates’ cannot rise up from its genre cliches.

Parting Shot: We could only recommend this as a booze-binging series to watch.

Cast: Meherzan Mazda, Sumit Suri, Anubhav Srivastava, Subuhi Joshi, Nikhil Mehta

Director: Sidhant Mehta

Duration: 14:13


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